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    by Alexander Wong on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is a very kind teacher. Before the first driving test, he guided me around the DMV showing what I should look out for. Even though I failed the my first driving test, he told me not to give up and cheered me on. Lawrence was kind enough to schedule another appointment for me. Before the second driving test he brought me around the DMV again so I could get more practice in. When we were waiting in line for the tester to come, he even gave tips to the lady waiting next to me on what to do and what not to do. In the end I passed all because of Lawrence's help, encouragement, and kindness.

    A Dedicated Teacher

    It is really hard to find “trained" instructors in San Francisco (harder to find someone who can be a good fit for your learning style). After trying one or two instructors (English can often be an issue), I spotted Lawrence Liu on internet. I remember the first day when Lawrence came to teach me. He was there 10 minutes early (and always, my cell phone used to beep with his text right when it was 10 minutes to go)! With a sporty appearance he aired an impression of an athletic coach ready to teach you how to run a marathon. Indeed, I could never realize driving could be so much of fun, relaxing, and a liberating experience had I not trained with Lawrence. Fifteen years of professional experience with more than five hundred students does put him in a different league.Excellent english, cool temperament, disciplined approach to driving, clear and coherent advice — those are his hallmarks! His specific guidance would help you understand the traffic pattern and geographical conditions in the neighboring localities of your test center. He prepares you for the exam without beating around the bush (and without stretching the training unduly long). However, Lawrence also remains extremely liberal (and careful) to let you make mistakes (I did, embarrassingly, many times), learn from them, correct them, and laughs heartily to take the serious air out. When the teacher takes the fear of failure out of his/her teaching, the learning becomes joyful and invigorating. It goes without saying that I started seeing driving as a means of self-improvement while training with Lawrence.What makes Lawrence stand out is that he is dedicated. I say this because on the exam day he seemed more excited than me when I passed, yet he did not forget to look at my score cards to see where I went wrong. He listened to me carefully about the evaluations my Examiner made. He said he needed them for training the next students. See, he instills this same spirit of continuous improvement in you as well.In the end I shall share what I believe fetched me success. The first is that you need to learn actively (track the mistakes over time and try reducing the list). The second is that you need to choose the instructor who could be a great fit for your learning style. I trained with Lawrence just for one and half month; I improved quickly because he recognized my learning style and let me learn that way. That’s all. Good luck!

    The best in san francisco

    Lawrence is a wonderful instructor! He's very friendly and makes you feel very safe when you first start out driving. During every lesson, he went over the route of the actual driving test so that by the time the real test came around, I memorized the route and the things to take mind of. Overall, he's a great teacher and I highly recommend!

    by Lauryn Ko on Driving Lessons with Me

    Laurence was a great and easy going instructor, which eased my worries as a driver with little prior experience. He was very accommodating for when and where to meet up. The lessons were highly informative and prepared me for my driving exam. Passed on my first try! I highly recommend taking lessons from him.

    by Jasmine Mack on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was an awesome instructor! He was very good at explaining what I needed to do and helping me learn the basics. He even went through the whole license test with me. Overall, a great experience! I recommend him to all my friends.

    by Sonny Chen on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is a great instructor. Not only is he knowledgeable but also very patient. A lot of the instructor now a days are hard to come by.

    by Gicelle Genotiva on Driving Lessons with Me
    Great Instructor!!!!!!

    The first time, I was driving with Lawrence, I was nervous at first but he help me feel at ease with each lessons I took. And he makes sure you feel safe/comfortable with what your doing. Lawrence is such a funny guy and he was very patient with me even though I was making some mistakes. I totally recommend his lessons because I passed my driving test on my first try. Now I got my license.!!!!!!!!

    by Thomas Ko on Driving Lessons with Me
    He knows everything. Great guy too

    The three total lessons I had with Lawrence were great; nice guy, polite, and tells you what should become a habit when driving. He is very patient with everything and flexible with time. Half way through the second lesson, he asked what I felt comfortable with and what I were my faults, so he is always willing to help your needs. He was very easy to get a hold of, via phone or text, told me to ask him any other questions if I had any after the three lessons, and said that I could have a fourth lesson, if so desired. Overall, I would highly recommend Lawrence to a friend or family member trying to get their license.

    by Tommy Petersen on Driving Lessons with Me

    After taking two lessons with Lawrence, I learned a lot more about what is covered on the driving test, and things I needed to practice beforehand. He also was very knowledgeable on the different routes that they take you for the driving test, and I was able to practice on these roads beforehand. I was able to pass my test without any issues thanks to Lawrence's guidance, and I would highly recommend his help if you are a beginner driver, or need more practice before getting your license.

    by Nicholas Eskandarian on Driving Lessons with Me
    Great driving instructor and cool guy

    The first time I saw Lawrence, i thought he was really cool haha. Not only was he cool but he really helped me with my driving. After my first lesson, I was able to drive a few months before scheduling my next one. Finally, after my third and final lesson with him, I was able to pass my driving test my first try. Thanks to him, I am not licensed and prepared for the road :D. I'd recommend him to anyone that is looking for a stress free driving experience with an instructor.

    by Joy Pinpisut on Driving Lessons with Me

    Highly recommend!!! for the first time learner! Lawrence is a great instructor who knows his job very well. He gives you all the practices that you will be tested once you take a behind-the-wheel test. He also offers a very reasonable price too. I never drove in the state before which made me nervous when I started my first lesson, however Lawrence was very easy going which helped to calm me down. I only took 3 lessons with him and I passed the test at the first time. ( my test went on for only 10 mins which usually takes 20 mins for others).Thanks to Lawrence!

    by Justin McGee on Driving Lessons with Me
    The best driving instructor!

    I learned everything I needed to know to pass my drivers test and to the have the confidence to drive. Lawrence would tell me what to work on after each lesson. I was so nervous to drive on some streets but he gave good directions on what to do which made learning easier.Other instructors charge more and the students either don't like the instructor, don't pass their test, or enjoy the lessons. Lawrence in very calm and knowledgeable in his teaching style. He also taught my sister and she loved him. too!

    by Jasmine Tsang on Driving Lessons with Me
    Great Experiance!

    I had a great experiance with my driving instructor and my driving lessons. Lawrence was very calm and gave super clear instruction the entire time. After my third lesson he made sure I knew the basics and went over everything I needed to know before leaving his care. He took me through Daly City to ,Millbrae and helped me learn how to properly turn and park on their wide streets. There were so many times where I felt like I was a danger on the road because I was obviously new to it. Lawrence always took his time and never became frustrated with me. He corrected my mistakes which improved my driving drastically. He was always attentive and was never occupied with something else. Because my parents felt like I needed another lesson and they also felt satisfaied with the service so they scheduled a fourth lesson, which Lawrence was more than happy to instruct. Overall it was a great experiance and I'm very grateful that I had a great instructor.

    by Alexander Wong on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is a great instructor because he is very patient and kind. He is always reminding me about what we went over before I start driving. He is always very happy and very attentive. When he is in the car I feel at ease. He is super friendly and gives very helpful tips. Lawrence walks you through the lessons with pictures and that really helped me a lot. After the 6 hours I feel very confident in my driving.

    by Seth Augustine Tantuico on Driving Lessons with Me
    Coolest Instructor Ever!

    Lawrence is the chillest instructor out there. He's always super happy, upbeat, and patient. On my first lesson I was pretty bad, but luckily, Lawrence was there to help me. He is super attentive, and was always on the looking out for me. Not only is he a great instructor, but he's also super easy to talk to. His kindness is contagious, and he never failed to brighten up the lesson. When we were driving around, we often talked about whatever was on our mind, family, school, pets. He really makes an effort to get to know you. Thanks Lawrence, for the great lessons.

    Lawrence was a great instructor and gave me lots of helpful tips for driving. I was able to schedule one last lesson with him before my driving test, and felt even more confident and prepared for it afterwards. He was very patient, and taught me safe driving habits that allowed me to pass my test. I highly recommend Lawrence as an instructor!

    by Mariko Wayne on Driving Lessons with Me
    Great Instructor!

    Lawrence is a great instructor. On my last lesson, we went on the possible courses of the driving test in Daly City, which really helped calm my nerves and better prepared me for the driving test. He also points out all the areas of driving you need to improve on. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

    by Casey Chang on Driving Lessons with Me

    Sad to say I just finished my last session with Lawrence. He is extremely easy to learn from and very patient. You really understand everything there is to know about driving from him. During my first sessions, Lawrence would constantly remind me to check my mirrors to check for any oncoming traffic. He would keep reminding me until I got better at checking for oncoming traffic. Plus, he taught me tips and tricks on how to parallel park (even though it isn't on the test). Even though I didn't get it at first, he kept pushing until I got the gist of it. He would always ask if I had any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Lawrence, great instructor and very easy to talk to (both english and cantonese!).

    by Carissa Wong on Driving Lessons with Me

    After three 2-hour lessons with Lawrence, I was able to pass my behind-the-wheel test on my first attempt... with only three errors!Before taking lessons with Lawrence, I was extremely scared to drive! For example, I would refuse to press down on the gas pedal, and so the only way I would move forward was by letting go of the brake. However, Lawrence helped me overcome my fear of driving during our first lesson! He was friendly, patient, encouraging, accommodating, and supportive. When I made mistakes, such as making turns too wide or accidentally stopping over the limit line, Lawrence would kindly remind me what I did wrong and what I should do next time to avoid making the same mistake again. He was very calm and reassuring, and did not panic or stress out like most parents do while driving with their child. His positive attitude made me feel so much more confident as a driver, and I always felt comfortable asking him any questions I had.Each lesson with Lawrence was very productive, as I became more relaxed behind the wheel, more educated about safe driving strategies, and more skilled at making turns, changing lanes, parking, as well as steering and applying brakes smoothly. Lawrence gave me his full attention during all of our lessons, and would never answer his phone when it rang. He always arrived early to pick me up from my house, and our lessons typically lasted longer than the 2 hours I paid for. I appreciate that Lawrence taught me driving skills that were not on the behind-the-wheel test but were still important, such as driving on the freeway and driving up steep hills. This shows that Lawrence not only wants to help you pass the behind-the-wheel test, but that he also cares about his students learning other valuable skills that will help them drive safely!I highly recommend taking driving lessons with Lawrence! It is evident that he truly enjoys teaching his students how to drive, and he is so easy to make conversation with. He is very flexible with making appointments, and ensures that the weather conditions on the day of your lesson are safe to drive in. He provides helpful tips, offers guidance in a kind way, and prepares students so well for the behind-the-wheel test. Driving with Lawrence was such an amazing learning experience, and I cannot imagine a driving instructor better than him!

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