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    Driving Lessons with Me
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    by Lauren Shew on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is a great driving instructor! He is great at communicating and super patient. He is very encouraging and always reminds me to check my mirrors and surroundings. He is incredibly calm and makes me feel more confident when I drive. I'd recommend Lawrence to anyone that's new to the road.

    by Terry Chen on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was the best instructor I could have asked for. He is extremely experienced in his field. He gives many tips and tricks throughout the lessons that help improve your driving. Lawrence always shows up early to the driving lessons and is very patient. He is really nice, amusing, and comforting; he makes the driving lessons seem shorter even though they are two hours long per lesson. He is very calm and trusts you even though you are a new driver. He gives positive feedback and greatly encourages you when you are driving. He greatly improved my driving and improved my confidence immensely.

    by Jessica Chen on Driving Lessons with Me

    Mr. Lawrence is a great driving instructor! Before my first lesson, I had only driven in a parking lot, but Mr. Lawrence's calmness and patience helped me quickly become comfortable on the road. I'm very bad at multitasking, but in every lesson, he constantly reminded me to check my mirrors and scan the road, which were very helpful reminders. I also like how he brought me to places where I could experience different driving situations. For example, he brought me on the freeway multiple times so that I could practice merging and become comfortable with it. His repetition was really good for helping me create good driving habits. Overall, Mr. Lawrence is a patient, easygoing, and welcoming driving instructor that I would highly recommend!

    by Bianca Reyes on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is a wonderful driving instructor! He was very patient and kind during each session and he explained each of his instructions with a lot of detail. He's great with communication and has a very flexible schedule. I highly recommend him!

    by Terence Huang on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was a great driving instructor, and most definitely helped me pass the test. He gave clear instructions on what to do in certain situations, coached me through the process, which eventually led to my success. The lessons were great as well, so I would recommend him to teach you.

    by Karine Chan on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was so nice and super helpful throughout all of the lessons. He is very patient and gives clear instructions.

    by Jayden Bautista on Driving Lessons with Me

    Mr. Lui helped me pass my driver's test first time with 1 minor mistake. He's a nice person to talk with and a great teacher. Thanks for all the help!

    by Lauren Lee on Driving Lessons with Me

    Mr. Liu was a great driving instructor. I went in with no experience at all and he taught me the basics and continuously gave me tips. He always showed up 15 minutes before the lesson was scheduled and confirmed lessons the day before. He’s great at communicating.

    by Beth Yuen on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence has been an amazing driving instructor. He always gave me tips on what to look out for as I start driving more and most importantly, he made sure I was driving safely. He was extremely patient and I felt a lot more comfortable behind the wheel thanks to him. He always showed up early for my lessons and made sure we drove for the whole two hours or even a little more before heading back. He also told me exactly what to expect during my driving test. The day of my driving test, it was raining and he texted me a few hours before to remind me what to watch out for while also wishing me good luck.

    by Emma Law on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was a really good driving instructor. He was very patient. He explains turning thoroughly and shows you how to do it before you do it. He’s always early to the lesson and makes sure you get your two hours and he doesn’t end early. He always reminded me to check my mirrors which is very helpful, and he gives good tips in driving. He’s a great driving instructor and he taught me a lot.

    by Nikita Mei on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is such an amazing driving instructor. I was very nervous the first time I drove. He helped me calm down and ease up. He also responds quickly to all of my messages. There are many reasons why Lawrence is such a great instructor. First, his patience never runs out. He is always calm and encouraging. His words of encouragement always helped me out with my driving. Every time I would doubt myself, he gave me confidence and would cheer me on. Secondly, he has a passion for helping students out. He is such a great teacher and he really wants the best for his students. He is very compassionate when it comes to teaching his students. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and with what I was doing. He also is very on time and never once showed up late. He is always early and usually my lessons were in the morning, and he would treat me with a bright smile. He makes me feel like I can do it and he is such a passionate instructor. With his help, I am easily learning and driving. His tips are always helpful and there is no one else I would recommend but Lawrence.

    by Mei Fu Lee on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was a great driving instructor. I messaged him and he responded very promptly. He was always on time/early for lessons and gave helpful tips for my future driving test. I had never driven before and was pretty nervous during my first lesson. Lawrence was calm the whole time and very encouraging. I would recommend Lawrence as an instructor for others.

    by William Taylor on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence is amazing at what he does. He has talked to me about all the lengths he's gone through to passionately and effectively teach his students to drive the best possible. He doesn't hesitate to throw in challenges in order to improve your driving, which can be intimidating, at first, but it is extremely effective. Probably the best driving teacher you can get.

    by Svetlana Lukyanova on Driving Lessons with Me
    Highly Recommended

    Just passed my driving test from the first attempt! Did only 5 of minor mistakes out of 15 permitted. I'm very proud of myself. But a part of my success belongs to Lawrence. He is absolutely fabulous driving instructor. Very knowledgeable, supportive and well organized. He made me believe in myself as a driver as before our lessons I just afraid to drive in San Francisco. He gave me a lot of driving hints and I felt very confident and well prepared at my exam. Lawrence, thank you once more.

    by Nicholas Pai on Driving Lessons with Me

    Mr. Liu is one of the best driving instructors out there. I have never had any driving experience and when I was an hour in the lesson I felt really confident that I could drive by myself already. I would not want any other driving instructor other than him. He really wants you to succeed and would teach you things that other driving instructor won't teach you. Thank you Mr. Liu for the best driving experience ever and I appreciate everything that you have taught me!!

    by Brian Chen on Driving Lessons with Me
    Highly Recommended

    Lawrence is an incredible instructor. He was able to secure an appointment even though appointments were booked for months. I just got my license because of him and I only made four mistakes on it. He reminded me everything that was important to pass. He was comforting told me not to be nervous and I passed.

    by Erika Lee on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was a great driving instructor. He explained everything very clearly, from the basics to more advanced tips and tricks, so that it was really easy to understand what to do. Throughout the lessons, he often repeats and reminds me what to do so that I'll always remember it. He also made the atmosphere in the car comfortable, which really helped me not be stressed out while driving. He genuinely cares about us students, and he puts in a lot of extra work and effort to teach us the best he can and to help us pass the test.

    by Teagan P. on Driving Lessons with Me
    100% recommend!

    Was able to pass the CA driving test in San Francisco within three weeks of getting my permit thanks to Lawrence. Highly recommend. He was even able to secure a last-minute behind-the-wheel test at a DMV that’s normally booked for months out. Really enjoyed his manner of instruction—incredibly helpful and patient and easy to converse with.

    by Cameron Li on Driving Lessons with Me

    Lawrence was a fantastic driving instructor, and I have him to thank for helping me improve my driving skills as well as boost my confidence on the road. He was very patient with everything I did, and even used little maps and drawings to make sure that I understood what to do in certain situations. Before driving with Lawrence, I was really nervous about taking lessons, as I was scared that the instructor wouldn't be patient or easy to understand. Luckily, Lawrence was none of those things, and I actually felt really comfortable behind the wheel during my lessons. I don't think I would be as ready for my driver's test in this amount of time if it weren't for Lawrence.

    by Nicholas Chea on Driving Lessons with Me
    Great! Really helps with the basics!

    Mr. Liu is a great instructor and an even better person. He has a great personality and I enjoy talking to him in the car during my lessons. I learned so much from him because he covers and reinforces the basics of driving and he will always answer if you have questions. He really boosted my driving skills and my confidence, and I couldn't imagine taking another lesson with another instructor and get the same results. Thank you, Mr. Lawrence Liu, I really appreciate everything you did for me!

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